जगुआर योकोटा/ Jaguar Yokota

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डब्ल्यू। डब्ल्यू। डब्ल्यू। विश्व एलिजाबेथ चैंपियन

महिला पेशेवर पहलवान जगुआर योकोटा की प्रोफाइल

नाम जगुआर योकोटा
वर्दी का रंग काला, सफेद, सोना
टीम का नाम CRYSIS
जन्म 25 जुलाई, 1961
जन्म स्थान जन्मस्थान अरकावा-कू, टोक्यो
रक्त प्रकार B
ऊंचाई वजन 159cm/58kg
डेब्यू मैच 28 जून, 1977 ओटा वार्ड जिम्नेजियम वीएस मायुमी ताकाहाश
पसंदीदा खाना Monjayaki, Natto, Tarako, Kazunoko
खेल का इतिहास टेबल टेनिस
विशेष चाल Special Moves Jaguar German Suplex, Jaguar Back Drop Hold, Missile Kick, Abise Kick, Shuttle Loop Buster, Fisherman Buster, Grapevine stretch
शीर्षक इतिहास First All Japan Junior Championship First All Japan Single Championship 29th and 31st WWWA World Single Championship 12th UWA World Women’s Championship 19th AWF World Women’s Championship 3rd TWF World Women’s Single Championship NWA Certified International Girls Tag Championship 72nd WWWA World Tag Team Championship First TWF World Tag Championship 5th W.W.W.D World Tag Championship (Partner: Sareee) 11th W.W.W.D World Tag Championship (Partner: Ayako Sato) The first W.W.W.D world Elizabeth throne
Motivation for joining From the second return, I came up to the ring as a freelancer, but decided to join the group because I sympathized with Kyoko Inoue’s “Motive”.
Message to fans For me, who has lived for 36 years with women’s professional wrestling
We cannot stop the world of women’s professional wrestling. Although it is powerless, I hope to play a role that will lead to the future.
We will work together to establish women’s professional wrestling.


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