Kaoru Ito

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Profile of women professional wrestler Kaoru Ito

Name Kaoru Ito
Uniform color Green 
Nic Name Ito-chan、Gacha
SNS 伊藤薫Twitter 
Birth October 20 ,1971
Birthplace Kyoto , Kyoto Prefecture
Blood type O型
Height, weight 160cm/105kg
Debut match October 8,1980 Korakuen Hall VS Eriko Inoue.
Hobby Travel
Favorit food Freshly cooked white rice
Sports history Judo first grade
Special move Double foot stamp,  Spiral bomb
Title history 18th and 21st All Japan Single Championship
51st and 53rd WWWA World Single Championship
106th WWWA World Tag Team Championship (as ZAP-I)
16th All Japan Tag Team Championship
NEO Certified Tag Championship
OZ Academy Certified Tag Team Championship
The first W.W.W.D World Tag Championship (Partner: Tomoko Watanabe)
9th W.W.W.D World Tag Championship (Partner: Kyoko Inoue)
4th W.W.W.D World Single Championship
Career April 1989 Joined All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling
2002 Traveled alone to Dalian, China as a coach
2003 Participated as Darian Girls Coach and Referee
November 2003 Graduated from All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling
May 2005 Ito Wrestling Class starts
September 2006 Launch of Ito Dojo
December 2010 Dissolution of Ito Dojo
Message to fans Thank you to everyone who supported us. I will do my best with Diana for the rest of the professional wrestling, so thank you.

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