Haruka Umesaki

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W.W.W.D Certified World Tag Team Championship

Profile of female professional wrestler Haruka Umesaki

Name Haruka Umesaki
Uniform color Pink 
Nickname Haruka
SNS 遥Twitter インスタグラム  blog
Birth February 7, 2001
Birthplace Ibaraki Prefecture
Blood type A
Height, weight 157cm/54kg
Debut match March 10, 2019 Itabashi Green Hall Sareee. Haruka Umesaki vs Takumi Iroha. Mei Hoshizuki
Hobby Karaoke
Favorit food Korean BBQ and fruit
Sports history Swimming, Horse Riding, Athletics
Special move Amethyst cloth, Strengthening of a bow and arrow
Title history W.W.W.D Certified World Tag Team Championship
Message to fans I will do my best with a smile so that I can become Diana’s immediate force! !!

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